foofAid's Tag-check Detection Messages

Likely errors begin with an !; warnings begin with a ?. Those symbols are followed by a + if 'FixIt' can fix it.

Msg #LevelAuto
1!+Punctuation or space just inside an opening in-line tag
2!+Punctuation or space just inside a closing in-line tag, or closing tag is at start of line (FixIt cannot correct that)
3!+Change symbolic footnote anchors [*] to letters (A,B,C...), and use same letters in the matching Footnote
4! Invalid number of consecutive blank lines above this line (must be 1, 2, or 4)
5! No matching closing tag
6! No matching opening tag
7!+The ending period of an abbreviation must be within the tags
8!+In-line tag not in lower-case
9! Sidenote or Illustration placed incorrectly, or needs a leading * at top of page. Note: ignore this message if there are other *Sidenotes or *Illustrations immediately above this one
10!+This small-cap abbreviation should be in all-upper-case
11! Footnote number or letter missing or on wrong side of colon; if this is a continuation, there should be no space before the colon
12! Unmatched or different number of footnote anchors [x] and references [Footnote x:] (not necessarily this one)
13! Incorrectly structured continuation Footnote
14!+Opening tag must be preceded by a blank line; matching closing tag must be followed by a blank line
15! Missing closing out-of-line tag
16! *[Illustration or *[Sidenote must be on first line or after a similar *[
17!+All lower-case small-caps is not allowed. If the text in the image looks like all-small-caps within a paragraph, use all-upper-case. If it is a heading, use all-upper-case but do not tag it
18!+Null in-line tags (no text within them)
19!+When marking cross-page continuations, place the hyphen and the asterisks inside the tags
20?+Is this in italics in the scan?
21?+When `Fig. is in small-caps, we include the figure number and period in the same tags, unless the number is followed by a letter, such as 12a.
22?+Small-caps text rarely is also in boldface
23? Has this Illustration or Sidenote been moved to a paragraph break (or to the top of the page, preceded by an asterisk)?
24 flag all punctuation to right of a tag — this is not an error, just a convenience
25 ditto left of a closing tag
26! This symbol is not in the Latin-1 character set
27?+Is this in small-caps in the scan?
28?+Is this a heading? We normally do not mark all-caps headings as small-caps
29?+Is this a heading? We normally do not mark thick-character headings as boldface, nor spaced-character headings as gesperrt
30 shade all out-of-line tags and their closing brackets (when appropriate);
31? We normally require an even number of leading spaces within no-wraps (except within tables), and left-justify all wrappable text
32? If this footnote continues on the next page, it needs to end with ]*
33?+If this is a new paragraph, it should be preceded by a blank line.
34? Uneven number of opening and closing brackets on this page.
35? Is this a misspelled [Footnote], [Sidenote], or [Illustration] tag, or is it not in Proper case?
36! Within no-wraps, at least one line should be left-justified
37? Thought breaks normally are surrounded by (only) one blank line above and below
38?+We normally draw horizontal lines with hyphens, not with underscores or macrons. This FixIt will change all of them, so only use it if there are no macrons in the text
39?+Should there be at least 6 spaces here?
40? Does this footnote continue on the next page?
41?+Is this a heading that is entirely in italics or mixed small-caps? If so, we treat it a complete sentence, and the period belongs inside the closing tag. If it is an all-caps or gesperrt heading, we do not tag it at all
42!+This closing bracket should be on its own line"
43! Block tags are not in the right sequence and/or not properly nested
44?+Does this paragraph belong within the above footnote?
45? Is this supposed to be a [**note]?
46?+Is this letter deliberately outside the tag?
47!+An [Illustration] tag with no caption should not have a colon, either
48?+If this is a continuation hyphen-asterisk at the end of a page, the hyphen should be first: -*; if it is an em-dash at the top of the page, it is correct
49?+If this is a single formatting style spanning several lines in one paragraph, it only needs one pair of tags. If this is in a list, ignore this warning
50?+Is this ordinal supposed to be a degree symbol (if it is supposed to be a superscript o, please use ^o)?
51?+Is this in Mixed small-caps in the image?
52?+Is this an in-line list? If so, each element should be tagged separately, leaving the commas and any unemphasized words outside the tags. Notes: This FixIt only looks for commas, and Alt-click only changes all flagged lists within this type of tag
53! foofer note; this suppresses flagging anything in them
54?+Should this em-dash be outside the tag?
55?+Normally, there are no spaces between text and a footnote anchor
56? Unmatched curly brace
57!+Should be all lower-case
58? If there is text on the page, it is not blank; if the page is blank, this tag should be on the first and only line; if the page is blank, it should contain a [Blank Page] tag
59! In-line tags must not cross paragraph boundaries
60!+We no longer use blank lines just before a closing block tag
61?+Unless this a Block Quote is at the top of the page, it should not be followed by a blank line
62? We express fractions as 1/4, 1/2,and 3/4, not as special characters. (If you are using them as temporary placeholders while aligning columns, please ignore or suppress this message)
63?+If this is not part of an abbreviation or a completely tagged sentence, the period probably should be outside the closing tag
64! Should the first word on the next line be moved up to follow this hyphen or em-dash, or should this hyphen be followed by a continuation asterisk?
65!+This tag is nested within the same tag
66 orphan < or >
67? The font tag normally should not be used without approval in the Project Comments or Discussion.