Due to security enhancements at DP on January 9th, 2017, foofAid's "Add-on" no longer works, so foofAid no longer works. Combined with other recent and impending changes in Firefox, this means that foofAid is unlikely to work again in the future.
Thank you all for your support over the past five years.

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Autoformats (This section allows you to make a list of formats to apply throughout every page, and apply them all with one click)
List of formats (eg adv. = i means that all instances of "adv" are to be italic). You can manually edit/delete the items in the list if you wish.

Add new item
with format of


Default editor

Normally, if foofAid is not open, clicking a page link will open the standard DP interface. Checking this box will mean that foofAid is always used (but right clicking on a DP link will always use the DP editor).

Keyboard shortcuts

This setting allows you to use keyboard shortcuts. When turned on, press Alt-a for a full list of them.

Right-click on selected text

By default, right-clicking on selected text will re-apply the most recent in-line tag. If you want right-click to show the standard pop-up menu instead, turn this option off.


When turned on, the proofing image will be scrolled down when you click on it.



Text Area Background Color
Choose the background color for the text area:

Shading or Coloring Tags and Tagged Text
How do you want tags and tagged text to be highlighted:

What do you want highlighted when tags are shown:  



When turned on, Tag-check flags commonly-italicized or small-capped abbreviations that have not been tagged.

(If you've turned off any of the error checks—see Help for details—you can turn them all back on by clicking this.)





 % of screen








 Font size


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Diagnostics area

If you are having problems, turn on Debug mode here
It will open up an extra tab in the browser and report what is happening. Send a copy of this, with an explanation of your problem, to Tabora or charliehoward via PM.

The formatted text appears below. If anything goes seriously wrong, you can edit it directly, and copy it into the DP editor.
NB. Anything you change here should update the WYSIWYG text above, and vice versa.

Developers' debugging area