Due to security enhancements at DP on January 9th, 2017, foofAid's "Add-on" no longer works, so foofAid no longer works. Combined with other recent and impending changes in Firefox, this means that foofAid is unlikely to work again in the future.
Thank you all for your support over the past five years.


a new formatting editor for DP

Why would we want a new formatting editor?

foofAid helps you format more easily, quickly, and accurately

Installation (one-time stuff) top


Installing the Connection to DP (a Firefox Addon)

Installing foofAid (just bookmark a link to it)

Getting Started top

Formatting pages (“Live” formatting)

Saving and returning pages

  These buttons are available whenever you are formatting a “live” page:
Save progress: saves your page to DP and lets you continue formatting it
Save, Load Next: saves your finished page to DP and obtains the next available page, if there is one
Save & Stop: saves your finished page to DP but does not ask for another page. Then, you can close foofAid, or go to the F1/F2 Listings page to find another project, or go to the current Project's page or Page Details to edit a page you did earlier, or to “Start Proofreading” again
Reload original: discards all of your changes and restores the text from the previous Round
Reload saved: discards unsaved changes and restores the most recent copy of the text you saved to DP. If you haven't saved anything for this page, it restores the text from the previous Round
Return page: gives the page back and makes it available to someone else
  These buttons are only visible under special circumstances:
Back to edit: foofAid lets you examine (“View”) other pages while editing a “live” page. While you are doing so, it displays this extra button to let you return to the “live” page when you are ready to continue editing it
Edit page: when you are Viewing a page you've already done in the current round, this button lets you update it. The page will open “live” in a new copy of foofAid. The first copy of foofAid will remain available in its original tab or window to let you continue using it after finishing the update

Examining and reviewing pages (just looking, read-only)

Exiting (quitting) foofAid

Making foofAid the default Editor

Normally, if foofAid isn't open, “Start Proofreading” (and the “Recent” list and “Edit” in Page Details) will use the standard DP interface. If you want it to use foofAid even when foofAid isn't already running:

(If you know how to format with the standard DP Proofreading Interface, you can use most of foofAid without reading any further. If you're new to DP's way of formatting or want to learn about foofAid's shortcuts and extra features, you'll want to continue….)

Formatting with foofAid top

OK, you've selected a page and it's on the screen. What next?

Look through the Image for things that need to be tagged or spaced in the Text, and use the formatting buttons to create the tags:

Extra Features top

So far, foofAid's features have been very similar to the ones in the standard DP Proofreading Interface, with just an occasional extra capability. Here are the “extras”:

FAQ top

Q: Can I change how things look? What if I don't like the default colors? What if I want bigger buttons? What if I want something else to just look different?
A: foofAid's interface is highly customizable through user style sheets HERE. Frau Sma has written a tutorial on user-styling and will gladly answer questions about this by PM.
Q: How does foofAid connect with DP? Why does it need an addon? Is it a hack?
A: The Firefox addon communicates with DP by sending the same page requests that the standard Proofing Interface buttons use. In other words, to DP, the addon is just another user. This means that foofAid is not a hack, it hasn't modified anything at DP, and it operates under the same rules as any user. It needs the addon because it's written in JavaScript and cannot communicate with DP by itself.
Q: How do I turn foofAid off?
A: Close foofAid, and the addon will allow the normal page editor to operate.
Q: Can I use foofAid in another browser than Firefox?
A: Not at present, because the addon is required to communicate with DP, and it is specific to Firefox. If we had a budget of millions (or, if we had any budget at all) we might have a go at Internet Explorer, but not right now. This has been hard enough. (Translation: if we had known what we were getting into, we never would have done it.) We certainly will welcome volunteers who can port the addon to other browsers. The source code for the addon is HERE (it's also inside foofaid.xpi as 'main.js' ... change 'xpi' to 'zip' to access it) and HERE; the JavaScripts are HERE (main) and HERE (tag-check).
Q: Can I use foofAid at DP Canada, DP Europe, or anywhere else?
A: Not at present, because the addon currently only knows how to communicate with DP.
Q: Why isn't foofAid remembering my screen settings?
A: Normally, your settings are stored in the browser's “local storage”. If you have disabled or restricted that capability, they are stored as “cookies”. If you've disabled both local storage and cookies in Firefox, the settings won't be available the next time you use foofAid. foofAid doesn't use “tracking cookies” or anything else, and there's nothing at the foofAid website to receive the content of cookies.
Q: Why can't foofAid edit some projects that the DP interface can edit?
A: One possibility is that their page images were stored as .jpg instead of .png. The latter is DP's standard, and is the only image type recognized by foofAid; it cannot accept .jpg's.
Q: Why does foofAid's error-checking flag footnotes that are a mix of numbers and letters (symbols)?
A: Figuring out how to do that is beyond the capabilities of the junior co-author (who wrote the "analysis" part), and it's a situation that occurs only rarely. However, we will welcome a contribution of working JavaScript that supports that capability.
Q: How do I report any ideas/comments/problems/bugs?
A: Please use the "foofAid" discussion thread in the DP Forums' "Tools Development" area.
When reporting a bug, please be as specific and detailed as possible, because if we can't repeat it, we can't fix it. Please include the Project, Round, Page, and exactly what you were trying to do with what text on that page.